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The individual in question has 0 trader rating. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt solely based on the fact that he is age verified. I have never in my 7 years of being on ASC been screwed by someone who has been age verified. A few things that concern me is the fact that he has 0 trader rating and the address he provided for me to ship to is a business, not his personal address (though it's possible he could own the business, it's doubtful based on his social media).

I still want to give the individual in question the benefit of the doubt, but it's starting to get difficult as he is clearly online and just not keeping me updated. A simple "sorry, I've been really busy I can't get it out to you until further notice" would be more than sufficient and would definitely have me assured. I am not upset or impatient about not receiving the item, I am getting a bit impatient at the lack of comms when it is evident he has the means to keep them (either through ASC or cell phone).
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