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Am I being unreasonable?

So I have an interesting dilemma and I'm hoping to get some input on what people think I should do.

The story goes as follows:
"Joe" PM's me about an ad I have in the classifieds and inquires about a trade, we PM back and forth and come to an agreement on the trade. We both agree to ship our items out the same day as one another so we both get them around the same time. The second I printed the shipping label from Canada Post, I sent a PM with tracking info and dropped it off within 5 minutes of that PM (June 4th).

I don't receive any update on the matter for a few days despite being promised it would be shipped the same day as I shipped mine. I am not at all an unreasonable person and gave the benefit of the doubt that something important must have come up. It happens, not a big deal. I send a PM 3 days after (June 7th) I ship politely requesting an update, no reply. I send out a second PM, again, politely asking for an update 5 days (3 business days) after I shipped because the parcel has been delivered to "Joe's" address (June 9th). I get a reply from "Joe" saying he had a family emergency and had to go out of town for several days and it will be shipped the following day. This is a completely reasonable and understandable excuse and I do not fault him for it. I politely wish him the best and told him I appreciate the update.

I patiently wait a week for an update as I am now aware of his situation. There is no update from "Joe" in the week I waited so I kindly PM "Joe" asking if he was able to ship it out yet (June 15th). Three days pass and it has now been two weeks since I shipped my package out (on June 4th) and I still have yet to receive anything; no tracking number, no update, no PMs since June 9th. I have checked his ASC profile and it says he was on last night and there has been activity on his social media account in the time that I have waited; I know for fact he does have internet access wherever he may be.

*It should be noted I have not sent a single threatening or otherwise unhappy PM yet.

TLDR: "Joe" and I agree to a trade, I fulfill my end of the deal and I have yet to receive "Joe's"

So ASC, am I being unreasonable for starting to get a bit impatient? I know the next step is to threaten legal action but my gut feeling is that it's too soon. That being said, I also don't want to wait too long to the point that my claim becomes invalid. What is the next step?
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