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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
PLAYING is what's next. You keep addding to kit without knowing what you need you're liable to carry 60 pounds of shit you don't need out onto the field.


Then evaluate what your needs are. Fill those needs.


evaluate again.

rinse repeat.

All you need to play is a gun, mags, batteries, eyewear and footwear. Everything else you can decide on later to see what suits you.

this^ is gold right here. my cqb loadout is my p90, battle belt with dump pouch and mag pouches. dont need anything else, dont carry anything else. i leave my items like tools and spare batteries and everything else in my gun bag in the prep room at the local indoor field. at the outdoor, very similar. only carry what you need. you will be able to move faster, be able to adapt to the field faster if you leave extra items like more spare mags and things like that in your gun bag. that will allow you to add/remove anything you may or may not need between rounds.
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