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Hey there, and welcome to the community .

Glad to see you're doing your research and taking the opinions of the forum vets here pretty seriously.

I made a post a little while back, but it's still not complete. I do wonder what other search terms I can put in there to make it a little more visible and accessible. Please take a look and let me know how I could possibly improve the guide as well.

VFC's are pretty pricey, but I think most people's opinions are if you can afford them, they are among the best AR platform AEGs you can get. If you are thinking of saving for a VFC, they have several lines; DX, E, and VR. Their DX series has engraved trademarks and are the most expensive. The details are supposedly made of slightly better materials as well (charging handle, bolt release, mag catch) but I have no way of confirming. The E series is the economic line of VFC. They have white laser-etched VFC logos instead of real trades, but the internals and the finish are identical to the DX line. The VR line is the newest and is similar to the E series, but have engraved VFC logos and use a rotary hopup instead of the standard M4 hopup. The general consensus is that the rotary is a big improvement over the original M4 hopup design and is about on par with aftermarket hopups.

Based on your parameters, and since this is your first airsoft gun, I'd stick with an AEG. You hit most of the points of why AEG>GBBR for a beginner, but all you need is a LiPo battery (7.4V) or if you want even an more responsive trigger, get a mosfet and an 11.1V LiPo.

VFC's feed with most mags. I run PMAGs, but it's personal and budget preference. BB's just buy higher end ones (NOT Walmart crap ones please). If you play indoors, .25 would probably be sufficient. Outdoors, .28 or .30 should be fine. Do NOT assume the local store BB's are equal to BBBastard's. Ask who supplied them and if you're still wary or see defects, go out and get a pack of name brand BB's.

If you don't really care about trades and don't feel like shelling out the extra cash, just get a VR series. I personally have a E-series Quake and although I love it, I honestly wish I had gotten something just a teensy bit longer for the rail space. Go on VFC's website (I can't post it, but you should be able to google VegaForceCompany and get it. It's a bit of a sketchy URL though.) and browse through their catalogue. For some reason, they don't have VR16's on their website, but meh, you can go on other retailer sites and look through those.
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