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Wow, way to burst my bubble there! Thanks alot for the infos and opinions, you probably saved me some money, and i'm sure you did.

I plan on getting safety gear as i go before playing my first game, i work in construction, i already have some boots (STC made from Goretex retails at about 300$), maybe not some light ones, but they'd do at first, and i don't think it would impact my gameplay. While looking for guns, i'm also looking at safety materials aswell and plan on getting goggles and face protection.

The things is, i live in the city and every summer, a bunch of friends and i get together at another friends house 5 hours away from the city in a small farm town and we shoot cans with our old BB rifles. In the beginning i had planned on getting a handgun just to shake things up. Then i started to look on the net for what was available around me (Local Airsoft Shops), seems like there is only 2 in Montreal, looked for reviews about them, one was getting constant bad reviews, so i went to the other, and they told me instead of getting a handgun, to get an AEG if i was planning anyways to get into Airsoft... then i went back to get some more knowledge on AEG and this it where i am at now...

I've been looking at the newbie tank's stickies about most of the info, but never quite found any post on what to get as good gun for beginners, and to post on here was pretty much my last resources before getting an AEG, glad i made the post btw.

So now, with no real budget, what would you vets suggest me to get? Keep on the path for a M4 and look for a VFC? I don't mind getting any other kind of models, i just need a compact assault rifle like a M4 CQB. i've been looking at one or two other post and saw some suggestions like Bio's VFC SR635 or a 416 CQB.

Again i was told that getting an AEG vs a GBBr was the way to go since it was a little cheaper, had less maintenance and carried more ammo, AEG were les realistic in those terms and maybe some others i skipped. I'm pretty manual so i am looking forward to fix broken parts/ upgrade my gun as the years go. I see most vets playing with GBBr, should i stick to AEGs or could i start with a GBBr. What i'm looking for in airsoft is something that will work efficently, not really looking for realism and not looking to do competition, but am competitive, so i'd be looking for nice trigger response and efficency, while been compact enough for CQB.

And about mags and BBs, what brands of mid cap mags and BBs do you suggest. Local store here have their own brand of BBs, i assume they'd be the same as Bastard's BBs...

Sorry if this is getting too long, just looking for info, not wanting to be spoonfed or anything, just wanting to know what choices i have. again sorry for my english, tired and going to bed now...

Edit: as i'm looking to compare prices for the WE M4 CQB, i can't seem to find any, most stores carry the katana series and mine is 1 notch lower. I'll probably end up with a VFC, still looking for some feedbacks, thanks all, it is really appreciated.

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