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$500 for a WE overpricing is real...
with that money just get a VFC of the top brand..
you should go online to check some prices before dealing with anyone

The thing is upgrading is not something to do right off the bat. Unless you have a shit ton of money or extra parts to spare then sure.

with 11.1 you need a mosfet, i run a 7.4, and I like i stick to a 7.4 ever since. I'm also cheap, so I don't upgrade my guns unless it has broken parts. The 7.4 trigger response is fine with me..

don't forget you still need your GOOD protection eyewear, a vest, a pair of GOOD boots, to get started..if u play midcaps then some money on those cause you would need like 3-6 of them. those are like 300-400 dollars...
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