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Originally Posted by Detriix View Post
thanks guys. everyone's input is great info. another question is is it better to import accessories / upgrades?

I understand that the cm16 runs OK out the box but I wanted it as my starter so that I could learn to upgrade internals and if I mess up I won't feel so bad for destroying a $400 gun.
You have to play to know what to upgrade. I bought a 200 dollar AK before, it runs so well stock that I didn't not need any upgrades at all. Only thing made me get rid of it is because of the weight. Again, because I played around 5 rounds, I knew the gun wasn't for me, it's slowing me down a lot.

I'd say go to your local airsoft/surplus/hunting store first. Although I can see upgrade parts being some what unreasonable priced in Canada, but for accessories we are pretty on par with other countries (especially with USA). Because once you convert the currency to CAD plus shipping you would go, it's pretty much the same price! might as well support local shops. When the item arrives, you find out, OH WTF, brokerage fees!! (This only happened to me all the time if the carrier is UPS, maybe they are up to something. I had 2 packages from the same company through different orders and different carrier, only UPS charged me brokerage fee)

as for learning to upgrade/ fix AEGs..Personally I think it's better to just buy a broken cheap boneyard AEG and make a project from there..I would not try to fix something that is not broken..

conclusion, go out and play. I was doing the same thing as you before. I bought so much shit and realized I don't need a lot of it, or they are just the wrong items that I can't use. Even currently I'm trying to sell off the stuff I don't need and replacing with things I know it will work because I played some matches. $$$$
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