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Originally Posted by Detriix View Post
well its official I've made my very first purchase.
I've aquired a g&g cm16 raider-l as well as a g&g xtreme 45. I got both with the intentions of upgrading from the ground up (probably not the sidearm). my question is what's next. I've been looking to be field ready by the end of the month. my list so far of what I need still is.

-tac vest
-1-2 extra mid caps
-eye protection

is there anything else I'm missing in terms of gear to be field ready?

second part of my question is. I also want my raider's internals to be upgraded by the end of the month. I've looked into MOSFET's and how to shim. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions if I should buy local or import parts? as well which parts to look for to get the guy to at least 400 fps

PLAYING is what's next. You keep addding to kit without knowing what you need you're liable to carry 60 pounds of shit you don't need out onto the field.


Then evaluate what your needs are. Fill those needs.


evaluate again.

rinse repeat.

All you need to play is a gun, mags, batteries, eyewear and footwear. Everything else you can decide on later to see what suits you.
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