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What should i do?

So recently (about a month ago now). I was on the classified section and found an add for some kit! The individual said he was getting out of the hobby and selling his stuff. He said no reasonable offer would be refused. I made him an offer on the items I wanted he agreed. I sent him the money via EFT.

He has since collected the funds but has yet to ship out the items. I've contacted a few times and he has given me the "very busy with work, sorry! I'll try and make time tomorrow/this week" line.

Now to be all fair it is very possible he is very busy and hasn't been able to get to the post office. But I can help but get this low sinking feeling in my guts that I've been hosed!

To make matters worse I didn't get any of his tomb stone info (name, address, telephone number) before I sent h the money. All I got was his email address. He does have possitive feed back on his trader rating as a seller.

I still want to give him the benefit of the doubt; but I still have that feeling! What should I do?

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