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Originally Posted by Detriix View Post
thanks guys. everyone's input is great info. another question is is it better to import accessories / upgrades?

I understand that the cm16 runs OK out the box but I wanted it as my starter so that I could learn to upgrade internals and if I mess up I won't feel so bad for destroying a $400 gun.
I'd support local airsoft stores first before importing accessories, if I can't find it at a reasonable price in stock locally then I'd go online. You usually save locally since you don't need to pay shipping and duty and if something isn't right a trip back to the store is a lot easier than sending something back overseas waiting for a replacement or refund.

As for upgrading internals I would recommend you to play a few games and get a feel for the gun, that way you would have a better idea of what you may want to change. Typically you get the most performance out of barrel/hop-up upgrades, those will get you better accuracy and range. Other things depend on what you want, which again you can only find out through playing.
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