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[Noob] my first AEG, WE M4 CQBR.


New to the forums, and to the sport. I'm from Montreal, Qc. Looking to buy my first AEG went to one of the local airsoft shop. What they suggested me for my first gun was a WE M4, either stock or build a gun from scratch starting with the body of a WE M4 adding whatever parts i'd like.

I've done most of my research now and need last bits of informations or opinions from more experienced players. Do i need to upgrade internals right from the start or is the stock gun already good as is. I was maybe planning to upgrade the hop up, plastic to metal, and was wondering if i need to upgrade most of the piston parts aswell.

Since i'm taking a M4 CQB one of the salesman told me they'd change the original brass barrel (6.05mm, if i'm not mistaken) to a shorter stainless one (6.03mm).

They suggested that i take nunchuks battery (Lipo 7.4v 1100mah), but from what i've read on the forums most players go straight for 11.1v Lipo batteries. They also told me that doing so might damage the stock internals (gears) and that, since i'm just starting, 7.4v lipo batteries would be fine. Now i haven't read the post on batteries yet, and they showed me what a 11.1v lipo did vs a 7.4v one. Question here is, should i go for a battery in the mid range like a 9.4~.6v. I'm looking for the best response time that i can get on the trigger, for a starting player. I know the 11.1v would be the best, but in auto it might damage my gearbox, and i don't think i need to upgrade them now.

From what i can remember, they're mostly carrying WE tech for their quality/price range, they've got some Cyma AKs aswell, but i'm not looking for AKs, they told me most players in Montreal had M4s and going for that type of gun could help me in games for various reasons. I like the M4 anyways for my starting AEG.

The gun would cost me around 500$ without touching the internals and just customizing the exteriors and adding an Aimpoint M2 or ACO sight.

Thank you for taking the time, pardon my mistakes and looking forward for your expertise.

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