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-tac vest - Condor makes good quality stuff, I run a cheap MCR6 and it does me well for CQB.

-1-2 extra mid caps - Get some cheap ones, like MAG brand mags, you can find them locally aswell. You'll want to have about 5 mid caps on you or so.

-eye protection - Key here. Else just get a JT paintball mask, great and affordable, covers both lower and your eye, and doesn't fog. (Based on what I read)

-gloves - Mechanix gloves sometimes go on sale from Canadian Tire, keep an eye out, it's what I run, and people I know run aswell. Unless you got the $ to buy some nice pairs

-footwear - Don't cheap out on footwear, get something durable and comfortable.

-headgear - Cheap $50-60 helmet is a must, you can find it on google locally aswell.
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