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If you want something for target practice, just get a Lancer Tactical for $110'ish, it shouldn't break on you.

As for Ares, it seems like they've improved the quality of their parts now from what I hear coming out of Hong Kong. I'd recommend that you get one of their Amoeba guns if you just want something cheap.

G&G is always iffy, you can probably just buy one for cheap second hand since it seems like they're the prime choice of people who play for a couple months and then quit. The only thing to note about them is that they have proprietary dimensions so not all external parts are easily replaceable. Otherwise I rate them the same as Ares stuff.

If you're not set on ARs, you can get a JG or CYMA G36 for pretty cheap. They come with the advantage of a V3 gearbox which is far more durable than V2 gearboxes and are compatible with most aftermarket parts unlike G&G or Ares products.

For a bit more than $200 you could get a CYMA MP5 or AK variant, possibly a King Arms M4 with full metal bodies which are superior to plastic bodies in my opinion.

If you are absolutely certain that you won't play airsoft though, go get an air rifle instead, they're much more accurate.
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