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That's a great way to get banned, trying to market a gun to someone who is not age verified nor are they posting in the classified will get you banned sir.

Originally Posted by henrymca View Post
Stay clear of Ares, they tend to have a fairly bad rep for using sup part internals that LOVE to break fairly fast, and poor QC inside, which causes un needed wear and tear on the internals and inevitable premature failure.

G&G has always been good to me in the past when I ran them, and their track record has upheld with many others as well.

Echo1 is okay, personally I am not a huge fan of them just because I'm not, but others are.

Really at this point the thing you will need to consider is that they are all stock guns, they are going to perform and last as good as a stock gun ever will. Expect it to break eventually, that is simply a matter of when and what.

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