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I agree totally, the point I was getting at was, that with an aeg, at some point you hit the max energy level, basically the trifecta of. Barrel length, cyl. volume and bb weight. Once you go too heavy (or for arguements sake put too long of a barrel or too short of a cyl.) The pressure behind the BB runs out before your bb leaves the barrel and so the energy starts to be expended, and its amplified by the lack of the air around the bb, the bb is likely to rub the inner and slow even further.
im not sayin creep doesnt happen on an aeg, just sayin there is a point where your 1J spring shoots 1J and no matter the weight of bb, length of barrel or port of cyl. you will max out at that 1J once the right balance is reached. With a gas system the gas will be expended untill the bb leaves the barrel so the creeping will keep going, thats why guns should be chronied based on energy, not velocity, how many gbbr guys run 400fps on .20's and then go stick .36's in their guns and wind up at closer to 2J.
Anyhow thats a whole other convo. Sry for the derail OP.
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