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Duster Gas


Is anyone still using Duster Gas?

Just curious.. wanted to grab a can and try it out, but there's so much out there, and I can't really find "134A" specific key words when I google.

Most threads on ASC are pre-2013 about the subject, so thought I'd revise it.

Was looking at this:

I know Grand and Toy and Staples have a bunch, but nothing states.. the can contains inside.

As Drake stated in one thread
Most dusters now are difluoroethane, which is noticeably weaker than HFC134a/trifluoroethane (thank the dumbass kiddies who were huffing the crap for that change).
I don't see many cans stating stuff like that, I have a simple grand and toy branded dust can at work and doesn't say much on the bottom except "EXPLOSION WARNINGS" ahoy.

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