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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Or, you know, rice.
The efficacy of rice is an oft-toted exaggeration. Rice is hygroscopic, but nothing amazing. It just means that it absorbs moisture from the air.

For drying things, you have two options: get air flowing over it, to get water moving, or place the item in an airtight container for a very long time. This will let the trapped air circulate through, with the water in it, so that the rice can absorb the water from the air, rather than going back to your electronics.

Here's the first result I found on google:

Test 2: Is rice king?

The Experiment

We wanted to see if rice is really all its cracked up to be. We tested six common household materials to see which could absorb the most water from a wet sponge in 24 hours:

Cat litter
Couscous (pearl)
Classic rolled oatmeal
Instant oatmeal
Instant rice
Silica gel (crystal kitty litter)
Uncooked rice

Rice is most definitely not king

Dry, uncooked conventional rice was the worst of the seven options we tested. It absorbed the least water in 24 hours, losing out to silica gel, cat litter, couscous, instant oatmeal, classic oatmeal and instant rice.

More importantly, the sponge that we left in open air performed far better than any of the drying agents. Its possible that the absorbent materials could have matched open air if wed used a lot more. But it seems that leaving your phone on a shelf may be the best option.
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