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General Reminder: Gaming in Poor Weather

General reminder to everyone out there:

Gaming in the rain is fun, hell yeah! But if you must play in a torrential downpour, try to stick to GBB or an AEG without a MOSFET. If you decide to play with your fancy computerized gun anyway, leave your gun right side up when you're not using it, so the water doesn't drip into the trigger get to the trigger board (if you have one).

ALWAYS remove the battery when the gun is not "active", when its sitting in a general area and not being used. When game day is done, NEVER leave your batteries plugged in, and please give your gun a wipe down. Even if you don't wipe your gun down, taking the battery out will save your electronics.

The reason for this is because even though your gun isn't being rained on, it's in an extremely damp environment in a wet case, and the water will continue seeping deeper into the gun. If it gets to your electronics and you have a battery plugged in, you're gonna have a bad time ie. a guys gun went full auto while he was at home sleeping because water got to his Spectre and his battery was left in. If there is no current going through when it gets wet, then there likely won't be catastrophic damage.

A MilSim this past weekend with heavy rain killed several PTWs, and two BTC Spectres fried overnight because people got home at 5 AM, and went straight to bed, so tired that they forgot to unplug their batteries or wipe their guns down. The two Spectred guns I ran that day got drenched but survived to frag another day because I always removed the battery when not in use.

Operating in the rain is 1337. Having to replace expensive and possibly extremely rare electronics is much less 1337.

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