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This is why I could care less about the sound and kick in an airsoft gun. Gimmicky would be an understatement. The kick and sound they make is at the the toy level and in no way adds to the realism for me. I'll wait till someone developed a pneumatic bolt and an electric sound projector to get close to real steel, until then "meh"...

Important realism equals: look, feel, weight, scale and compatibility. All out performance comes way before any of that though. Get the gun that'll eliminate your targets, plenty of ones are seriously realistic and can do just that. Don't get the gun that has a hissy hit in varying temperatures or is tethered to you like a lame paintball gun.

The electric bolt guns are neat, but they can be quite hard on themselves. People seem to be loving the KWA RM4, but I'd still recommend foregoing the electric bolt feature and getting a VFC.
B.L. tech is supposed to be releasing a sound simulator in the form of a M203 launcher, I'd love to see it if field organizers allow it. As for RM4 they are pretty good, and so are VFC.
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