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I store my rifles in their bags leaning against the wall in my bedroom.

My pistols are in Plano cases stored in a cupboard. Neither are locked and neither need to be because I don't have kids in my place.

The gas is much riskier so I keep that out of the way where it won't be exposed to heat or knocked around, but still not locked. LiPo batteries can also be dangerous so I keep those wrapped in bubble wrap separately to be sure they don't short out and burn my place down.

I don't even lock up my non-PAL pellet guns, which is arguably not the brightest idea.

I don't have any powder guns but if I did they'd be locked away (probably double-locked with trigger locks as well) and I'd do my best to avoid having any ammo in my place (or keep that locked up away from the guns).

I keep things out of view just because if you look at these things they do actually look real and I don't want people who come visit walking away wondering what it is they saw.

The BBs are another matter and that's where the big risk is with my place. I have two cats and if I leave a BB bag out it's pretty much guaranteed that at some point in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT one of my cats will go after the bag and i'll hear a 'thud' followed by the sound of thousands of little plastic balls rolling around.

Makes the next morning a real pain!!!

Actually the cats are probably the main reason I keep the guns in their bags/cases because cat hair tends to collect the most in places you won't want it to.
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