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Originally Posted by fretwire View Post
Actually I missed that one... anyone who slaps a female dog has bigger issues than I do.

Puppies are cool. Don't slap them!! Give 'em a hug and rub their belly.

Cats are cool too, and they seem to love chasing BB's around so they're even more fun around this airsoft shtuff. If you have a cat, try bouncing a plastic BB across the floor.

They dig it.

I don't even know why i'm still participating in this thread. Too much f'in time on my hands I guess!

Didn't even start it but I do agree with the original post, but it's done.

Over and out.
Originally Posted by Janus View Post
Is he a spambot or is he a francophone? I really can't tell the difference sometimes.
Originally Posted by Latvian291 View Post
This is one of the funniest things I've read.
Commandment 1 of LMGesus: Fuck getting kills. That's the job of your teammates, otherwise known as the cannon fodder. Your job is to be scary.
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