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Originally Posted by fretwire View Post
It's a game. Played with toys.

Fun toys, but toys nevertheless.

And what's with the sand in the vagina thing? Sounds like a bunch of frat rats.

Let's show a little more respect for 50% of the human population.
They may be "toys" but should never be treated as such. Harm and injury can still happen. A cop will still shoot you if you decide to point one at them, 99.99% of the population will never be able to tell from a distance that you have an airsoft gun and not a real steel one. Hell people have mistaken sticks from a distance as rifles......

When you come here spouting about respect, you have to remember threads like these are old old old old old as fuck. The age verification has been going for 10+ years now, and done nothing but get stronger, many other sites even use our system as a basis for their own. This is all covered in the rules and FAQ's sections which every new member out of RESPECT should have read already, as well as FOLLOW OUT OF RESPECT for the site and senior members who establish most of the communities and fought for years well before you new players showed up with the governments to establish the rules and laws both provincially and federally that exist today.

So please before spouting off and throwing around the word Respect, learn it as well.
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