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Can I ask you a serious question? How much sand can you fit in your vagina?
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You are the one-billionth (slight exaggeration) person to post a thread like this, hence the, what-seems-like-immature-responses. We know where this goes, it's hilarious and ends with you permanently banned because you can't see the big picture, so we may as well have some fun with it, etc.

Second point; this is someone's house, if you don't like the rules, then leave, it's as simple as that. Ask serious and informed questions, don't point and accuse, it only cements your uneducated and ignorant attitude. No one gives a shit about what YOU think or how YOU feel. Remember, you are only entitled to have an opinion, it doesn't mean that it's valid or that others have to take it seriously. You are not special, knowledgeable or well versed in what you speak of. It's never too late to admit it and get yourself out of this hole you're digging though. Just sayin'.

Thirdly; well, we are very aware of the laws, federal and otherwise, as we have been here since the beginning. Some of our members have even helped to shape airsoft's legality in Canada. We've seen every bill, court case, ruling and legislation alteration since anyone cared. We know how the Supreme Court views it, how the RCMP views it, how the CBSA views it and how people like you interpret it and then open your mouth about it. The RCMP guideline page that you are quoting is just that, guidelines. The Canadian Firearms Program is responsible for the current state of airsoft and anything firearms related in Canada, and have very clearly worked out the current, and really only important classification and legislation that you need to worry about. So, spoon feedings aside, you need to do considerably more research before arguing with those who live and breathe the details of this.

Now I'll explain the AV system in a way that you can understand it. Let's take all the laws for a moment and throw them out the window. Instead we'll pretend that ASC is its own private entity and will do whatever the fuck it wants, as such. Oh wait! It is that, and those laws are not actually important here. Okay, now that that's settled, let's move on.

Canadian airsoft laws are what they are, importation laws are different, firearms laws are somewhat different and any other set of laws are different again. Although they'll play a small part, they are hardly the big picture. Now, despite what you think, airsoft guns are considered firearms for parts of the criminal code, ownership, purchasing and importation depending on many factors, and therefore fall under the jurisdiction of the CFP. Because of this, you don't necessarily need to be eighteen and up to own one in all specific circumstances, but in most, yes you do. But that doesn't matter. Anyone under the age of majority, which is eighteen in Canada, has legal guardians. These are people whom are responsible for their charge's/children's actions, until they, their charges/children, come of age. If they say, give their child or charge an airsoft gun and something happens, they, as the legal guardian(s), can be charged or held accountable. It's as simple as that.

Now let's talk the business side of it all. ASC is not your legal guardian, and lord knows, they really don't want to be. They don't want to be responsible for what you may or may not do with an airsoft gun, so they have decided in their very obvious wisdom to have NO part of giving or providing access to firearms or dangerous weapons, airsoft or otherwise to minors. How do they do this? Well, through the AV system. By picking trusted and longstanding members of the community to physically check that each member is age of majority or older, they have done everything reasonable to take accountability for their site and community. There are however no walls that can't be climbed, no locks that can't be picked and therefore the system isn't perfect. Even the CIA could be hacked, but is it their fault? Nope, at least as long as they've done what they can. So, if a "verified adult" gives account access to a youth, it's now on them and not ASC. We've covered our legal side, insurance, responsibility, etc, all of it. So, the age side of it is strictly ASC taking accountability, at least as much as they can and protecting themselves at the same time.

So now that I've made that shit simple for you, let's talk about the other half. The second part of it is strictly verification of your person. This part is much easier to explain. ASC is kind of like Facebook and eBay, for airsoft in Canada, all rolled into one. On eBay, anonymous people committing fraud happens, and on Facebook, creepy fifty year old pedophiles can try to pick up young boys by pretending to be a hot teenage girl, but on ASC they can't? Why is that you ask? Well, it's simple. The AV process isn't just an age verification process, it's a YOU verification process. By meeting and collecting your info in person we can now, as a community, hold you accountable for anything you do, say, buy and sell here. On the flip side it also protects you from others to an extent. See? It's a fairly elegant way of protecting the community and everyone taking personal responsibility.

In closing i'd like to say that the age verification process has been a cornerstone of the Canadian airsoft communitie's success, and that's why it's emulated by almost all of the serious regional sites such as JOC, LMAG, EAR, etc. but seeing as how it is a private site, at the end of the day it's their business and not yours. You don't have to like it and can come up with as many bullshit reasons as you want, but they all don't matter and neither do you in the big picture. Be a part of it or don't, but don't stand there bitching like some self entitled, impatient, uneducated punk. Get it now? Good! Because if you still can't understand it, your life issues are just beginning.

But before I go, can I ask you a serious question? How much sand can you fit in your vagina?
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