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Originally Posted by burner63 View Post
Form reading up on the laws governed throughout Canada by the RCMP, an airsoft gun firing ABOVE 366 fps and BELOW 500 fps are not firearms according to the firearms act. Therefore you DO NOT need to be 18+ to own one. Nor do you need any sort of license or 'verification'
Here's a little tip about common sense. Get some.

Airsoft guns are also referred to replica firearms because they resemble with near precision a real firearm. Schools HAVE shut down because people bring these things to school. You can argue about its danger all you want but when you take these things outside in public view there WILL be panic.

And what's that? Police are the public you say? And police shoot people who have guns?

Oh wait, that's right, children HAVE DIED because they got a hold of an airsoft gun and did stupid shit with it.

We AV for public safety, respect with the law, and respect to the community. The RCMP has its own method of curtailing unauthorized real firearms, but airsoft guns not as much.

Condescension aside, since many of the sales and classified ads in these forums are legally made with adults (since it is prohibited with children), and it is a national forum, the most secure and safest way to verify someone's age is the current system.

Considering that ASC does not sell airsoft guns, but solely advertises, you can consider ASC to be its own kind of Torrent site like The Pirate Bay. TBP links you to said downloadable content, just like ASC links you to said classifieds, but they do not upload nor host the content, just as ASC does not own and distribute the guns; its users do, and ASC is merely a proxy to do it safely.

The point is that ASC is a proxy which requires CERTAIN authentication to abide by the law. If we were selling to minors, the proxy would be removed, just as many torrent sites have been shut down in the past. This is why age verification is necessary.

And why is the "current" method necessary? e.g. meeting someone in person?

We need to meet you in person to verify that the ID you provide belongs to you. Merely sending a drivers license or meeting on skype does not help this case because scanning a license and sending it online is insecure. Secondly, skyping provides horrible camera quality, followed by the possibility of imposters because there's no way to compare the photo ID on the person with the person accurately because of said quality.

Lastly, this is a private website. There will be bureaucratic, bullshit, but very real bullshit, like a lack of funding, which is somewhat related to a lack of volunteers. Not everyone has time to be 24/7 on standby to meet the 17 year old, reject them, and go back to bed waiting for the next underaged bloke to waste more time. I'm not an age verifier, but I'd like to hear some stats on how many people have failed to be age verified because they were not 18. Having to meet in person is a good deterrent for that because people don't want to waste time NOT being verified.

Oh, and one more thing. IF you get scammed on craigslist, kijiji, etc. there's no way to find that person again. At least here, there WILL be a paper trail that WILL lead to legal repercussion.
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