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These toy guns can seriously hurt people and when used inappropriately can land you in serious trouble with local law enforcement agencies. I appreciate what ASC does as it tends to collect like-minded adults who play airsoft together so we can grow as a community. Airsoft still very much is a fringe hobby, always on a fine line based on our actions. I want to deal with adults and participate with adults because of the nature of the hobby. There will always be exceptions, kids that are mature and adults who are not but again it's targeted towards what the majority of the community wants and needs.

A gentleman who ran a very long milsim series in the US commented that even though it's very strict in Canada about importing airsoft rifles and age requirements, he felt the hobby was better here then in the US because of those reasons. More mature players, more commitment because of the time and effort required, etc.

I personally don't like playing with young children because I don't like shooting kids. My experience is they are effected way more psychologically then adults when being shot, crying out of fear or discomfort. Again not everyone but most I've encountered in airsoft and even paintball.

Nothing is perfect but if you have a good attitude, educate yourself and play safe and honourably then you'd have little issues with the majority of the community.
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