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Yes...Thank you for your constructive criticism daishi...

Form reading up on the laws governed throughout Canada by the RCMP, an airsoft gun firing ABOVE 366 fps and BELOW 500 fps are not firearms according to the firearms act. Therefore you DO NOT need to be 18+ to own one. Nor do you need any sort of license or 'verification'

As a previous user stated, many of the individuals selling these "guns" are in fact, under 18+, as well as many of the players in the community. Most anyone selling their gun on a forum will sell to someone under 18 years of age, I've seen it happen multiple times before. I've seen Airsoft retailers sell guns to "under 18's", not to mention parts and a plethora of accessories.

It seems foolish to have all this extra hassle simply to buy and sell toy guns. Really, that's what they are. I'm a player, you're a player, we both get offended when they're called that but it's the truth nonetheless.

This is not a troll account, nor am I trying to make anyone mad (which apparently I have). I enjoy using this forum, however, when major parts of it are locked to me, I must say I am quite disheartened.

If I must be honest yet again, many of the reactions my post has gained seem very childish for such people who are "age verified"
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