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The fact that it does one of the things means it doesn't do none of the things lol

Although 99% of ptw's DO stop firing when the mag is empty, most of them have had the bolt catch bypassed so you don't have to hit it to get it to start feeding again.
The only other aspect that makes a ptw realistic is only it's compatibility with rs parts.

Anyway, it seems most of you didn't bother reading his post very carefully
Originally Posted by Ripperstyle View Post
Im trying to find if there are other options for AEG's that are realistic. What i am looking for in an AEG is recoil, the bolt physically slides back, functioning slide and the bolt holds open/mechanical cut off when the mag runs dry.
Nowhere does it say he's looking for a GBBR, and you think that JUST MAYBE there's a valid reason as to WHY he's not looking for a GBBR???

Looking for functionality of GBBR
Very specifically NOT looking for a GBBR
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Pay attention.
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