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I've PM'd two people and haven't heard back, but just I PM'd the second a couple of days ago.

PM me if you're offering to take care of it. I want to see pics in the classifieds!!!

Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
You live in a city with the highest Age Verifier rate out of anywhere in Canada. You have literally no excuse.

Secondly, if you thinik it's "annoying" to get age verified once, how "annoying" do you think it's going to be to verify age for every single transaction. That makes literally no sense.

Go through the small hoop to get the tag, and then no longer worry about what age people may or may not be.

Besides, the age verification tag proves that the person is motivated enough to get off their ass and go and meet a real human being, and it keeps the classifieds a little more free of scammers due to the semi-anonymous nature of the internet.
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