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Age Verified....Why?

I just don't understand why it's a thing. I mean, for the sale of guns, I can see why some people MIGHT want to have it, but I mean, there's a huge number of people playing airsoft who aren't 18+ and limiting this forum (basically yes, that's what is happening) pushes them away from it.

I can see that some users may believe this keeps the forum from becoming immature and stupid, but after getting the views of many 18+ players at a milsim event, many of them see this forum as "a joke".

The need to drive out and meet someone in person, simply to have them 'age verify' you, seems unnecessary, unsafe, and just downright stupid.

Some of the largest and most influential forums in the Airsoft community (Airsoft Society, Airsoftsniperforum, AirsoftForum, Airsoftretreat, etc.) do not have this 'requirement' and they seem to get along fine. In no way do I ever see an irresponsible individual buying a airsoft gun from this site. If a little kid wanted to buy a gun, it would be much easier for him to get his parents to get him one from the local store than it would to pay electronically (paypal, emt, etc) and fill out shipping info.

Myself, and countless other Airsofters would like to know the purpose of this 'age verification' feature, and what benefits AirsoftCanada attributes to it. I for one, as a Canadian, do not enjoy being associated with a "joke" of a forum, that requires it members to jump through hoops to simply buy parts. Parts!!

That is the end of my rant, thank you for your consideration. What is your input Airsofters?
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