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Hi all, i'm another Airsoft newbie and figured my first post should be a 'hi all!'.

I've shot air guns for most of my life and powder guns on and off for years now (i'm half way through my 40s!). I discovered Airsoft guns in Thailand over this past winter. When I saw my first one I had NO idea what "Airsoft" meant and thought it was cool that you could put gas right into the magazine instead of using those little CO2 cartridges in the grip.

I later figured out that Airsoft is a type of air gun (yup, a little slow in my old age) and after coming back home I've shot (and bought!) a few guns. So I guess I'm at the beginning of what's looking to be quite the addiction!

At moment I'm using Airsoft guns for target shooting in my condo since they're so much safer than pellet guns but i'm planning to come out to a game (and probably get shot repeatedly) some time soon.
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