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willing to perform services in a dark alley that may or may not leave you satisfied for a title. GFE = 1, looks = 2, BBFS for an extra $50.
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I had a experience where the police raided my friends apartment, it was like a 10 car call surrounding the block with tracking dogs and everything. They came looking for a mutual acquaintance of ours (more like a moron we happen to know) over some domestic disturbance he had. When the police cleared the apartment looking for the perp they found my buddy ar15 (airsoft) on his gear bag in the corner of his bedroom, and called out to the other officers that they found a firearm, all of us were yelling NO, NO, AIRSOFT! AIRSOFT! :P They checked the chamber to make sure and were actually pretty cool about everything giving the circumstance. Pretty fucked up night though!
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