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1) prommy, but not by much. These days even madbull makes a nice barrel. Lol
2)you alrdy found the best place, however a google search will net a million places that sell parts
3)correct, the port is the hole. The type you want will depend on barrel length, velocity and bb weight. Example a 400fps build (m110-120) long barrel say 455mm youll want a full cyl (no port) and some .30g bb's
4) i would say fill the length with the inner. Why? Because i have had guns that the bb would hit the outter if the inner was too short. I should add that a much longer barrel wont make much difference in performance. I had an mp5k (pistol length barrel 110mm i think) with a bridge hop shooting 380ish that could range with my 510 and 455 and 363mm inner barreled guns. Just match the air volume well, making sure to go over a little bit (i find the full cyl, 455inner @380-410fps on .20's to be ideal for running .30 bbs, with either a flat or bridge hop)
I will add tho that you dont have to fit the inner to the outer just i have had issues with it so i try to avoid it, keep in mind alot of stock m16 length guns come with m4 lenght barrels and run without issue (this is so the companies only have to build 1 kind of gearbox for the AR line of guns,;mainly cyma, jg, china guns )
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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