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Hi, thanks again for posting this, and linking it when I had posted about making my M14 DMR about a year ago.

I wanted to ask a few quick questions, as I'm about ready to make the necessary purchases:

1) Which is better, a Prometheus or a PDI?

2) Where is the best place to buy the parts for an M14? I know of, but I don't know if they have the parts I need.

3) What is a 'Ported Cylinder'? Is that the small hole in the side of a cylinder? If so, I found this video does a great demonstration of how it affects FPS. Regarding this, for an M14 long barrel, what would be the best kind of ported cylinder for that kind of situation?

4) And finally, the biggest question of all: Should I use a short inner barrel in a long barreled M14, or a inner barrel that's the proper length to match the outer barrel? What are the side effects of using a short inner barrel for a long-barreled gun?

Thanks again! I felt that these questions would be useful for this post, not to mention the bump for others.
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