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Thanks for all the help guys, this is exactly the information i needed, i guess i should probably wait for the gun to see the connector type, that was the last thing i forgot to ask about, but i guess i'll have to wait and see. Now i'm like a kid at end of November wondering when December 25th is going to roll around. Can't wait to get started.

How long should i wait for age verification rep to get back to me, should i reach out to more than 1 and when others get back they'll see i'm age verified?

Hey guys, I've been looking into options for the battery storage, and storing the battery in the fore grip seems like the best choice, what's the largest tan/sand coloured foregrip that would fit a 20mm standard rail and fit a decent sized lipo for my gun? (ideally at least a 11.1 1300mah 15c lipo if possible)

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