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Guy's he's got a XCR, I'm guessing the one w/ the skeleton stock, which means no chance of fitting a battery to the rear unless he swaps over to a buffer tube stock or fashions up a pouch of some sort for the battery.

Best bet is a FAKE PEQ battery box. Just google "PEQ battery box" and you'll get a ton of hits. Just get one that fits your battery, most battery either specify if they can fit a PEQ box or have measurements so you can figure out if it fits or not yourself. Its literally just a pretty looking enclosure to house your battery, so as long as it fits your battery and looks good to you, its fine. As for recommendations, someone who actually runs a front wired gun w/ a PEQ batt box can chime in there.

Oh and generally no to lasers, you run the risk of damaging someone's eyesight, especially w/ the unregulated China stuff. They're also pretty pointless considering the range and accuracy of airsoft in general. The PEQ batt boxes w/ the laser/light probably also takes up more battery space so just get a plain peq box and you're good to go.

Ignore the Magpul stuff, I think Ricochet was under the impression you had a M4 w/ a RIS/delta ring system. It won't fit your XCR seeing as its a completely different gun.
Thanks for this Advice, this is exactly what i was looking for, something like a PEQ Batt Box would be perfect for my gun (I think), does anyone know what a good battery/Peq Batt Box Combo would be, when i search my gun all over the internet all i can find for reccomendation on battery is as follow

"Recommend to use 11.1V 1450mAh 15C PEQ-15 Type Lithium Rechargeable Battery For store into AN/PEQ-15 Type Battery Case " and thats from e-hobbyasia (Which calls my gun the XCR Mini and not the XCR) so i'm not sure how much i should trust the info. I ordered my gun from a Canadian site, but i have to wait for the manual to see what it recommends for a battery since i don't have the gun yet and i'm assuming it won't come with one.

When i ordered the gun i made sure to ask alot of questions and the guy said that LIPO's were def an option on this gun.

Again really new to the whole Airsoft scene so all help is wonderful thank you

Edit: i should have realised their are many XCR guns, the FULL name of my gun is "VFC x Socom Gear Robinson Armament XCR Mini AEG (Tan)"

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