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The definition in the memorandum is wierd and the cbsa interperates it as above 366 below 500. They dont use the firearm definition of 500fps AND 5.7j even tho D19-13-2 says nothing about the 500fps upper limit other than talking about how even tho under 500 and 5.7 it could be an uncontrolled firearm, its just safer to stay within it. Once its in its not considered a firearm untill above 500 and 5.7j (783fps with .20)
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not sure where this 500 fps thing came from... Last time I read the memorandum it was 5.7J that is the upper limit between uncontrolled firearm vs controlled firearm.

5.7J would be something like 790~ fps with a .2

lower limit was 366 to be uncontrolled. below that is a replica which is a no go.
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