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First Gun: Batteries/PEQ Questions for VFC XCR

Hey Guys,

I've played air soft a few times with my friends over the years and this is the first year that I've been able to give it a red hot go, so i went and read as much as i could on this forum over the past two days doing as much research as i could about air-soft and guns, I've already PM'd one of my local age verification reps to meet up for age verification so i can look for people to play with and actively join this community but my purpose of this post is more about what Batteries/PEQ to use with the gun i purchased the VFC XCR (Tan model).

First of all my understand of PEQ's are extremely limited; to my knowledge it is basically a battery holder that is connected to the internals of the gun already and strapped to the outside of the gun (Stock most likely) that lets you insert batteries so you can change them out easier than say, opening up the stock of your gun and inserting a battery inside.

The Predominant questions i had were mostly, what PEQ do i get for a gun like this (IF it actually works the way i think it does, and I want to make sure it mounts properly) and what batteries would you recommend going with that PEQ. Ideally i'm looking for some kind of package reccomendation

As far as i can tell ideally i want to get something that takes LIPO and i'd really like something with a laser with it (unless that's not recommended).

Please let me know what a few recommendations for PEQs/Battery Packs are for a gun like this, as well as what MAG's fit a gun like this as i would like to order a few spare.

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