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Hmm... There are 2(3) ways of doing this then.
1) If you plan to come here (for business, vacation, or whatever other reason you may have to come here), then contact an AV'er in the area you will be in and hopefully, they'll be nice enough to accommodate you.
2) Find a way to discover if any AV'ers are planning to travel to the UK anytime soon for whatever reason and get in contact with them.
3) This sums up what I said and is listed in this sticky (it's a bit buried):
And I quote BloodSport here:
I live in a different country, how do I get verified
This one is so simple I can not believe it keeps getting asked. 1) Fly/Drive into Canada and meet up with one of our Reps in person. 2) Purchase a plane ticket for me, pay for my food and expenses and I will come to verify you where you are. 3) You are from out of country, therefore by the time you pay for shipping, taxes, duties and such I'm pretty certain that you could save a ton of money buying from a retailer in your own country. Yes we might have some parts/gear/etc that you really want but step 1 and 2 are your only options then at that point. Please stop whining and complaining about it, our house our rules.

Cheers, and good luck with your AV (I mean that genuinely, no sarcasm).
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