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I got 12 kills in a row before getting killed. (the 12th one killed me too). Bipods are the roxorz.

I also tripped over a log running away from some shots and did a flip through the air dodging a huge burst.

At one of the flagraiders night games last year, our squad took all 3 enemy wps alone in 20 min. I took point walking down the middle of the road with a flashlight, while 3 guys on either side of me in the dark cleared the area. Then on sunup, we turned on the radio and blasted the Soviet national anthem

A new guy who didnt really know how to play snuck up on me, and i turned around and put 1 between his eyes before he even got a shot off. (full masks)

Jumped out of a tree on someone. Missed though.

Fell asleep while prone.
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