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Yet another typical newbie going "I WANA BE DAH SNIPERZ!"

I have no idea why all new people want to be snipers, even I had a phase of wanting to snipe...then I realised what a waste that would be.

Sniping in airsoft isnt like it is in video games. You wont get one shot one kill (a majourity of the time) especially with a budget cheapo newb sniper rifle. Get a proper AEG or GBBR platform not from Canadian Tire or Walmart, that isnt see through plastic.

Just listen to people. You aren't the first person and wont be the a week or two there will be another thread asking about snipers from another newb.

Also stay away from that website. Crap items for crap prices.
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Is he a spambot or is he a francophone? I really can't tell the difference sometimes.
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This is one of the funniest things I've read.
Commandment 1 of LMGesus: Fuck getting kills. That's the job of your teammates, otherwise known as the cannon fodder. Your job is to be scary.
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