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Google magic pointed me at some info saying that barrel length matters to a degree. Apparently around the 450mm mark is supposed to be the sweet spot. But in all cases it's less important than the tight bore and ammo. But again, that's google saying this more than me. It's not that I particularly want a long rifle either. I have a L96 for that. I kinda don't wanna mess with my scar either. I bought it used, and there's apparently a couple bolts stripped when the guy was trying to get into it to do a spring change. So I don't know how easy it will be to spring change it when I drop in a tight bore (as I understand it the tight bore can up your fps, as it did with my L96 from 450 to 510). So I was just thinking of a whole new platform altogether. I like odd platforms too though. Standing out is an odd preference of mine. I guess I'll keep hunting.
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