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I want to build a DMR

Now, I'm pretty new to airsofting. Lots of fun and the such. Suits me a lot better than paintballing ever did too. Now I've been ripping around with a G&G Scar L. This thing is awesome as hell, and perfect for cqb. Downside being it's not very good once things start getting a little distanced. Short barrel could be 'fixed' with a supressor and a new barrel. But I like how compact it all is right now. So I want to build a DMR. Now, I see a lot of people rocking M16s. That's a bit of a turn off for me, so I want something else. So with that being said:

What would you recommend? I was looking at an Ares SL-9 or maybe a Cyma M14 EBR. Something cheap, because I know it will need to be upgraded anyways. I've seen mixed reviews on the M14 and the SL-9 is just tricky to find in general. Opinions or alternate suggestions?

As it's a DMR, when it comes to optics. Is it better to use something like an ACOG or a red dot scope and drop magnifier? Both are pretty cool imo so I was mostly curious.
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