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Originally Posted by Twelvecarpileup View Post
Finding info for BC is close to impossible. Panther's site lists almost no info (FPS, MED, START TIME OF GAMES!?) and didn't even know about VanOps till now.

Which is best for a first time player (group in our 30's) VanOps or Panther?
I've been going by the local rules I've absorbed over the years but LMAG has a nice rule book which pretty much outlines what most fields generally go with FPS/MED wise.

LMAG airsoft rulebook

Lots of good reference info there, FPS/MED stuff is on pg 7-8.

I'm not exactly sure what Panther goes by tbh, as everything seems up in the air with them. No real established rules to be found or anything really, just the general safety speech but even then a lot of the new players I've talked to have no idea about MED's and such, doubt most of the players know how to judge MED distance tbh.

Panther also doesn't require/enforce certifications for BA's in the 450-500fps range and I've only seen vet/older players enforce MED's from time to time.

As for starting times at Panther, generally it seems like games start around 11ish or so with all the delays and stuff. Most guys hit the field earlier around 8-10 though to prep.

I haven't tried Ambush, its a smaller field but its not bad from what I've heard, an AAR from last week on fb gave a positive review. Should have a decent showing this weekend with all the guys looking for an alternative to Panther's new prices. Panther atm is just overpriced for what it is and drop in games have been meh, but either field should be fine for a first game.

That said, Ambush/Vanops is BYOBB and Panther is field bb's/pay to use your own bb's on top of entry fee.
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