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Originally Posted by Kedirkin
Originally Posted by mtallman
There is a saying that 20% of the people so 80% of the work, and this is the same with minors with airsofts. 20% of the guys get the rest of them in trouble.
Historically, the criminal use of firearms is closer to .004 per cent (4/1000 of 1%) of all firearms, not 20 per cent as you say.

Alan, what he's referring to is an offshoot of the Pareto principle and not a general statement that 20% of all guns in circulation are used in gun-crime.

My interpretation in the context of this thread is that the majority of problems are caused by a minority of the population. The same can be said about the distribution of wealth - the majority of the income earned is earned by a minority; and in true management science philosophy, the top 80% of your priorities require 20% of your time.
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