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Originally Posted by Sequential View Post
They run for $200 new and he gave you $400 for a used gun? This thread should be more like a positive experience with Keith.
Used gun with upgrades.
By all means I give him a big pat on the back for giving what he did.. But overall it was a huge waste of time and things could have gone better from the start... Not a positive experience IMO.

In the end - I would like you to give your dog to a groomer, wait a year.. and get the run around, only to be told "Hey here's double the money for the value of your dog"
You'd want your old dog back too...

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Keith's life has been complicated sorry to hear you got the runaround like that John, I remember your MP40 at Challenger, not sure what happened to it when the store folded.
I totally understand that he is going through complications, I just wish he would have given it back when things were going down hill or been more communicative.

By all means, situation could have gone a lot worse and I am not trying to 'bad mouth' him or start shit.. Just putting the situation out there for anyone who might be in the same boat.
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