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Regarding GBBR (Keith). Anyone left with outstanding work/money owed.

I would like to think anyone looking for a gun doc as of recent, they would not go to GBBR (Keith Y.) as he is mostly banned. But if you have something left owing and are getting no results/the run around/etc.. Here's a story for you.

August 2014 I sent him an AGM MP40 for some TLC and a hopup mod, asked if he could do it before mid September.
Was told yup shouldn't be a problem.

Early September was told he was fairly busy, and there was a lot wrong. I told him no rush, make it shine.

January/February I inquired again, told a lot wrong, did this, done that, still need to fix this and that.

Overall very dark and usually vague leaving things left unanswered.

Early March inquiry... Was told he ordered a new one, gave up on old one, should be here next week.
Told him I don't care for a new one nor do I care of the state of my old one, I would just like it back.
Was told he was having parent issues, did not want to go back to his house, something something. Very vague and worrisome. Although I can relate to this situation it is still a nuisance.
Week and a half goes by... Pictures posted up on Facebook of some random guys gun with a "Hey, look what I found while cleaning my room"
Told him to find mine while he was at it. Another fellow requested the same thing.

Spoke with the other individual, was in the same boat as I was except Keith gave him a partial refund. Was suggested I just keep on bugging him.

Began to bug Keith as to the whereabouts of the supposed replacement, got a bit of the run around, it was seized. He offered a refund, half next later tonight (April 4th) the rest later on. Next few days I get simple answers of "Busy at work"
Finally April 6th he sends more than half.
I apologized for bugging him, he told me not to apologize and that it was his fault. Told me to bug him again on the 15th.
By all means, he could have easily took me off Facebook and attempted to vanish.
April 15th I bug, nothing.
April 16th, sent the remainder and all is done.

In the end... Huge waste of time and I will never have my old one back.
The newer productions of AGM MP40's are "meh"
No markings and cheaper externals. But whatever, I did get a nice refund.

Clearly he goes to his house for one thing or another despite "not wanting to go there".
I have a gut feeling he may have sold it to pay some of his legal fees or god knows what.

Anyhow.. if you have anything outstanding from him I strongly encourage you to get on the horn, loud and clear.
Keep at it.

Just a friendly suggestions to those possibly still waiting in the dark, getting the run around, etc..
Best of luck.
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