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Lol, yeah, you're spot on about Milsig/Honorcore... They pretty much cater to the gulliable/uninformed noobs and the loaded mainlanders. But I rarely buy local unless I desperately need a part, and even then I usually head to Trigger if they have the part; still a bit overpriced but more reasonable than Milsig.

The day Milsig announced they acquired Panther, prices went straight up. Originally entry alone was like $35 (+$15 bb) or something until ppl on facebook complained and they brought it down to $25... Also pretty funny how only airsoft gets the price hike while paintball stays the same (though they did the increase price and new discount price thing to make it look like they decreased the price).

If you haven't been since November, they've done some improvements to the field but nothing special. Dunes has a bit of a make over (meh) and parking lot paved, a bit of minor "aesthetic fixes" and that's about it. Wouldn't bother going back until game quality improves and/or price gets lowered to a reasonable amount for quality of field/play.
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