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Originally Posted by Slodin View Post
I went to northshores website, can't find any info for airsoft, only paintball (the comment thing about airsoft games: website suck) I'm a web designer and it irritates me. anyway, they all require bio BBs right? well still cheaper to buy on my own than buying from a field which charges 10-15 for 1000 bbs..that's just stupid. Then they run a long unlimited respawn game and oh, you just used like 300-500bbs on semi yay..

Problem with panther, the field actually doesn't seem safe for night game. There are huge pointy tree branches pointing upwards and those huge ditches in the "grave yard". In a day game I realized how close I was to fall in a couple of ditches..

shooting in the face part, it is permitted by the ref/ rules if the target only exposed their head. but sometimes bbs just fly towards someones face because of wind and not able to aim anyway...and panther didn't have a MED, at least the ref never explained to anyone, and never chrono any guns. Again, rules and such needs to be posted on the website so people can read up before going!

Anyway, got the IWI Tar-21. Need to practice how to quick reload now with that. depending on accuracy, might swap out to a tight bore at some point..still remember the first time installing a madbull tightbore in my P90, it shoots really straight.

Yeah, I will phone them to check out those fields..
Check out Trigger's fb page for the game announcements, the last game was last Saturday I think. I just heard about it recently so hopefully I'll have a chance to head out there, although I think it might be a night game... I'm not sure if NS actually requires bio's but I've converted over so my entire bb stock is bio anyways.

I've only been to two drop in games, rest have been sims, or games w/ the omega/lmag guys. The most recent drop in was super shitty which reflects what people have been saying about the 'drop in' game quality (unintended pun ). The other drop in game was a few rounds of decent attack/defend which played out ok but that was sometime last year and I think it was ran by a veteran player not panther staff.

Yeah... every time I see those graves I wonder why they don't fill them in. No one goes in there cause of the shitty muck and they're an unnecessary safety hazard even in the day. I've almost gone in once or twice pushing up on church.

As for some of the branches...

(stolen from imgur's combat medic stories)

They should clear it up a bit in some areas. Every time I run into a pointy branch that's screaming "I'M GONNA IMPALING SOMEONE" I just step on it and snap it as best I can.

Oh if the head's the only target then its fair game, but I've seen too many guys get lit up in the face by noobs around corners and at point blank on full auto... full face protection all the time. I don't fancy a line of bleeders or a busted lip/teeth.

There are MED's I just don't know if Panther enforces them (or any rules to be frank). I've heard mentions of semi only within 10-30feet and secondary requirements for BA's but I really doubt the new players running the 500fps BA's can judge distance properly... no BA certification requirement and all that... They've started chrono'ing as of late, but I doubt that its any good since their pb chrono is shitty as hell and measures off anywhere from 50-100fps..

There's a whole wealth of rules/guides/games/MED's made by BCAC/OPFOR/LMAG/OMEGA in the past decade or so available to them if they want to take advantage of it... but imho, after Milsig acquired Panther, its just a money grabbing scheme. Yeah, they've physically improved some things like the parking lot and driveway but they should've really focused on improving quality of game play before anything else... sit down, plan out some designated game types for different parts of the field, don't just head out there and be like "attack and defended, unlimited spawns 15mins then lunch break".

Haven't actually seen that many Tar-21's around, gl w/ the upgrades and your buddy. I planned on getting some friends into it as well this summer but I doubt any of mine would be interested after seeing the new pricing... they'd rather stick w/ late night badminton at $15 lol.
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