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Originally Posted by beta678 View Post
IIRC, Ambush is BYOBB and I think they lowered their price from $30 to $25 recently. Never been so will probably drop by at some point. Though I'm looking to try out one of Trigger's games ran at Northshore monthly, $15 & BYOBB so worth a look.

Need full face protection at panther... seen too many guys get lit up in the face by drop ins or assholes. I wear a headset as well since I don't want free piercings either. Too many guys ignoring MED's and running hot guns full auto. That and Panther's chrono is not even close to being accurate; my ~500fps BA chrono'd ~407fps...

So until Panther realizes no one wants to pay that much for shitty field and gameplay and lowers the price, or actually improves field and gameplay to where its actually worth the price, I'm boycotting the field like a number of other players.
I went to northshores website, can't find any info for airsoft, only paintball (the comment thing about airsoft games: website suck) I'm a web designer and it irritates me. anyway, they all require bio BBs right? well still cheaper to buy on my own than buying from a field which charges 10-15 for 1000 bbs..that's just stupid. Then they run a long unlimited respawn game and oh, you just used like 300-500bbs on semi yay..

Problem with panther, the field actually doesn't seem safe for night game. There are huge pointy tree branches pointing upwards and those huge ditches in the "grave yard". In a day game I realized how close I was to fall in a couple of ditches..

shooting in the face part, it is permitted by the ref/ rules if the target only exposed their head. but sometimes bbs just fly towards someones face because of wind and not able to aim anyway...and panther didn't have a MED, at least the ref never explained to anyone, and never chrono any guns. Again, rules and such needs to be posted on the website so people can read up before going!

Anyway, got the IWI Tar-21. Need to practice how to quick reload now with that. depending on accuracy, might swap out to a tight bore at some point..still remember the first time installing a madbull tightbore in my P90, it shoots really straight.

Yeah, I will phone them to check out those fields..
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