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Originally Posted by Slodin View Post
HAHA, that's exactly the thought for me! They made it into a monopoly, being just a bit cheaper than ambush (not sure if ambush allow outside BBs), if yes, then I would just go to ambush since its just a few streets away from my house, thus reducing my gas usage. I still find it funny that people don't wear head protection in panther and only expose their head then expecting people not to shoot them in the face.

Really wish there is a field here that doesn't get paint all over my stuff, it's annoying sharing with paintball stuff, but that's how it is, and it's gonna stay probably. Yeah, I'm just gonna buy a IWI Tar-21 elite with some mid-cap mags from someone. Its about 130 bucks more than that stupid bolt sniper, but I'm sure he can have fun with this one...I just thought to myself last night..I work pretty hard, why not get something nice..just add it to my own collection..Although I have to disable the EBB function of that gun..(I always wanted a tar-21, but it seems that EBB is the best one)
IIRC, Ambush is BYOBB and I think they lowered their price from $30 to $25 recently. Never been so will probably drop by at some point. Though I'm looking to try out one of Trigger's games ran at Northshore monthly, $15 & BYOBB so worth a look.

Need full face protection at panther... seen too many guys get lit up in the face by drop ins or assholes. I wear a headset as well since I don't want free piercings either. Too many guys ignoring MED's and running hot guns full auto. That and Panther's chrono is not even close to being accurate; my ~500fps BA chrono'd ~407fps...

So until Panther realizes no one wants to pay that much for shitty field and gameplay and lowers the price, or actually improves field and gameplay to where its actually worth the price, I'm boycotting the field like a number of other players.
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